Metaphysical Properties and the Crystal Meaning of Apatite

See yourself truly

Feel like a donut… but know you shouldnt!

Apatite is great for helping us make the best choices based on our own truth… not stories told to us.  It helps us accept ourselves and we were at without judgement. Is a donut sooo bad? Or is it the story attached to the donut that is affecting how we live. Apatite rights our relationships with our self image, our weight,  the food we eat – and the food we dont, it works through the cells to reset normal body functions and rebalance our metabolism. Apatite has been associated with appetite suppression for centuries. Dont you just love how similar the names are… Apatite works on your Appetite!

See yourself truly

Apatite relates to service and the development of humanitarian pursuits. Is attuned to healing, communicating, balancing, and teaching.

Apatite enhances creativity.  It awakens the finer, inner self. Also helps  in over activity, under activity, blockages, and congestions in any of the chakras.  Apatite is a potent energy that works to balance all the bodies and remove blocks from your chakras.

Carry Apatite to  create inner peace and calm, to disolve aloofness and negativity. Apatite helps improve coordination and to strengthen muscles, and to help ease hypertension.


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