Metaphysical Properties and Crystal Meaning of Zebra Stone

Connect deeply with your true self

Need nurturing in our changing world?

Zebra Stone has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of you and allow you to feel your loving presence that resides in your heart always. If you let your own love fill your cells and expand out from your centre, you then walk securely through this world. It appears as if you have made a complete 180 degree turn, as you find your inner strength and new found stability brings a positive attitude and with that more life!

This expanded energy brings stamina, the ability to move boldly and energetically through the world, enjoying every moment.

Connect deeply with your true self

Zebra Stone is a colourful mixture of Quartz and Basalt, which forms patterns of lines, bands and agate-like markings. It is found exclusively in Australia and each piece is exceptionally unique and wonderfully tactile!

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