Crystals For Healing – Reduce A Fever

Take the temperature down

Feeling hot, Hot, HOT!

And not in a good way…

Fever can keep everyone awake at night, especially if you have little kids who always seem to catch something as they build up immunity to the world!

Clear Quartz -the jack of all trades – facing the point away from you so the excess heat goes out of your body… focus the heat through the point and out into the ground… Quartz is the easiest one and nearly everyone has a point somewhere in the house!

Pyrite nourishes the body, gets into the cells to bring about balance as does Chalcopyrite – they get all the yukky stuff out.

Take the temperature down

Tektite, Chalcopyrite, Clear Quartz, Chiastolite, Brazilianite, Opal

Opal has its alignment with water and works to cool the bodies temperature.

Brazilianite works through the centre of the body, releasing blocks to the organs and meridians allowing excess built up energy to be released and fever to be reduced.

Chiastolite works with blood flow and can reduce fever as the balance is re-established.

Tektite clears the energy fields, open the flow so that the build up of heat can dissipate

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