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Crystals For Healing – Protection From Negativity

Shield yourself from the madness

Almost like a cone of silence (See Get Smart), these two crystals combined work to block out, deflect and rid yourself of people who like to dump their stuff on you.  If you find yourself with people who like to share their drama, chew your ear off or suck your energy dry then this is your lucky day!

Let’s face it… its a busy world out there, let alone in our own minds!  The faster the pace of our lives the more most of us shut down and go auto pilot just to not have to take it all in.  If you know you have to deal with people, places, circumstances that are not joyous… yep – there are many!  Then rather then numb yourself out, carry these two crystals and watch the clowns go quiet and the bubble that surrounds you grow – keeping them all at arms length!

Your new BFF!  You wont leave home without them.

Protect yourself from negativity: carry jet and black tourmaline or schorl.


Shield yourself from the madness